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    Tubemate is one of top applications in leaderboard of market and have been voted as a trend application that most of teenagers are using in their devices. The application has huge amount of participants rising to hundred millions of user around the world. With tubemate android you can view and download any videos, movies and more type of videos with good qualities as Youtube. If you are not believe in that awesome application, let’s explore the features that tubemate youtube downloader bring to users in app.

    From the beginning moment when you open this application, you will see that tubemate android has provided to users many choices of website where you can view favorite videos, such as youtube, facebook, letv, youku, etc. That’s a big surprise and update that no applications can do like our tubemate download. After you select website which you want to view, you can search your favorite videos directly on tubemate, but to help users can search faster, tubemate youtube downloader has updated a features that have many suggestion words and correctly to make better results.

    Not just that, users will be more surprise when watching videos on tubemate android. With new features update, you can view videos faster with highly speed and no more buffering even with low internet connection. Below each video, you can interact with social networks through sharing icon, from now your friends and families can watch shared videos through facebook, twitter, google+ with you anytime and anywhere. Moreover, you can save favorite videos to your Youtube account and re-watch them lately during break time after work days. So what do you say about our tubemate download application? Don’t be rush, there are more things I want to present to you.

    As I said earlier, users can save and share favorite videos from tubemate youtube downloader, but what if users want to save videos to their own devices? Don’t worry, with new version of tubemate android, you can download videos to your devices in no time. That’s new quality updated that helps you can download videos faster with compression mode. Not stop at that feature, tubemate provided to users a feature by downloading videos with different formats that fit to their devices. With this update, users who are using old Android version or old Android devices can view and download favorite videos and movies comfortably. So what are you waiting for? Let try our tubemate download application now.

    Main features of Tubemate:

    • Supports background mode, download video and listen to music or do other things at the same time.
    • Automatically stop downloading with internet disconnection and re-download again when internet is available.
    • You can watch video and clip in offline mode.
    • Supports watching full HD video features.
    • Free for Android devices.
    • Supports to download videos on Youtube with many different formats with high speed.
    • Supports compression technology helps watch videos faster.
    • Compact memory capacity is suitable for many different types of device.
    • Friendly and beautiful graphical.
    • You can save favourite videos in your own Youtube account.
    • Easily sharing favourite videos on social networking sites.
    • Download speed improve and smoothly.
    • Always update new and hot videos.
    • Provide huge amount of videos and great clips.
    There are lot of features on tubemate youtube downloader application are waiting for you to explore, so what are you waiting for? Let hurry to download tubemate android right now and enjoy comfortable features it brings to you. Hopefully you will love and happy with our application. Thank you for watching!