HOT Soldiers of the Universe (2017)

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    Soldiers of the Universe (2017) PC RELOADED | Size :8.54 GB
    Year of release : 2017
    Genre : Adventure,Action (Shooter), 1st Person, 3D
    Developer : Rocwise Entertainment
    Publisher : Rocwise Entertainment
    Platform : PC
    Publication Type : License
    Language : English, MULTi
    Language : English
    Medicine : Present {RELOADED}

    Description :
    Soldiers of the Universe is a first-person story shooter that tells the story of a Turkish special forces unit that is fighting against terrorist organizations in the Middle East. You will go to carry out dangerous military operations in many real places, face the terrible realities of the war, fight with the detachments of terrorists and you will have to survive at any cost.

    Features :
    Players will visit many real places and face many horrors of war in the Middle East.
    You are waiting for dozens of plot missions, and multiple detachments of terrorists.
    The operations will take place on the actual existing locations:
    -Cizre / Sirnak / Turkey-
    Nusaybin / Mardin / Turkey
    -Jarabulus / Aleppo / Syria
    -Al-bab / Aleppo / Syria
    -Sultanahmet / Istanbul / Turkey

    Mount the image using disk emulators.
    Install the game by following the instructions of the installation program.
    The content of the Crack folder (on the image) is copied to the folder with the game installed.

    System requirements :
    OS : Windows 7 64-Bit or later
    Processor : Intel Core i3-3225 @ 3.30GHz
    RAM : 4 GB of RAM
    Video Card : nVidia GeForce GTX 500 Series 1GB / AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series 1GB
    DirectX : Version 11
    Disk space : 15 GB
    Sound Card : N / A