PHP Ajax Contact Form - Code liên hệ Ajax có mã xác nhận


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This script is a class-based, fully-featured PHP Contact Form with a focus on ease-of-use and extensibility which also includes an autoresponder and custom fields.
It is simple to install and comes packaged with many optional features which can be turned on simply by editing the config file – so no editing of the main source code is needed.

  • Easy installation and integration into your existing website, with just two lines of code needed to include the form.
  • Can automatically send a Thank You email to the sender, with configurable subject and body.
  • Add and remove fields very easily
  • Field validation to check whether fields are email addresses, numbers, or a specified length.
  • Custom error messages can be set for each field.
  • Both a CAPTCHA and human verification question included, easily switched via the configuration file.
  • Can either redirect user to a success page or show a success message.

Included with the script is a detailed user guide which gives you an overview of every setting, tutorials on managing fields and a guide to the form validation fields.
The script gives you the flexibility to integrate the form into your own site without worries about breaking the code. By taking advantage of PHP ’s Object-Oriented features, the class can be built-on to provide additional functionality.

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